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Sell the way that
people want to buy

Video messaging is the best way to communicate in our remote-first world

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Video is more personal than your average email. Cut through the noise and connect at scale.

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Show, don't tell. Video is fast, easy, and has higher retention than image or text messaging.

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Save buyers from the doom and gloom of Zoom. Answer questions and provide value, all async.

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Expand your reach. Talk to buyers all over the world, regardless of borders or timezones.


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Humanize your outreach

A repeatable process that treats leads like VIPs

Record Custom Intros for Pre-recorded Videos (1)

Easily record
custom videos

Make personalized videos to share with your customers and prospects to cut through the noise and make a human connection.

Be your authentic self and show your spark
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Combine with
videos to scale

No need to repeat yourself - just record the custom introduction and stitch it with an existing product demo or tutorial.

Barrett King “This is the best way to personalize at scale“ Barrett King, GTM Strategy @ Hubspot
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combine videos
Bulk Personalize Videos

to stand out

Automatically customize the video experience for each viewer to deliver personalization and relevance at scale.

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...and make
real connections

Accelerate your sales process with more pipeline, faster closes, and an overall better experience!

Sell the way people want to buy ⚡️
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Anywhere you want to!

Send videos in the sales & marketing platforms you already use and love to see better results, instantly.

Get 2-3x more engagement from your existing outbound emails & messages
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The #1 video platform for sales

“All email prospecting sequences look the same now. Sendspark provides a pattern interrupt.”

Miguel Guerrero Vendition

Miguel Guerrero

BDR Manager, Vendition

“The new wave of prospecting is all about delivering personalization and relevance at scale”

Saad Khan

Saad Khan

Head of Business Development, Dooly

“We need to show that our way is different than what prospects are used to... And video tells that story”

Brian Montoya salesbricks

Brian Montoya

Head of Growth, Salesbricks

Start connecting with video that scales

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