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Enflux accelerates onboarding with short video messages

The challenge: onboarding busy customers 

Enflux provides the most powerful decision support platform for higher education institutions. They pull together siloed and static admission and assessment data—both internal and external—and curate them into insightful, actionable reports in real-time. With Enflux, institutions can improve academic performance and easily provide data-backed performance metrics to federal and accreditation agencies.

One of the challenges for Ana Gonzales, Head of Customer Success at Enflux, faces is onboarding new customers. The Enflux platform is incredibly personalized for each of their customers, which means that Ana needs data from each of her customers to build out the right visualizations for them. 

Ana works with Associate Deans of Assessment, who are very busy people. Traditionally, Ana has done a lot of 1x1 and Zoom training sessions, but she was looking for a way she could reduce the time commitment required from her customers, to get them onboarded faster. 

The solution: videos for every time and place

Ana leverages Sendspark throughout the entire onboarding process to support her customers better, faster, and more personally. Here are just a few ways she uses video: 

Asynchronous training sessions

Ana holds “live” training sessions on Zoom. While these sessions are incredibly detailed and valuable, customers cannot always attend at the scheduled time. Ana will email out all of the Zoom sessions afterward using Sendspark, so her customers can engage with them at their own convenience. After the videos, Ana adds a call-to-action, which gives them a direct link back to her for support. 

Video tutorials in Intercom & email 

Ana has built out automated workflows to send video tutorials at exactly the right time using Intercom and email. These video messages are triggered based on actions customers have (or haven’t) taken, so they are relevant and valuable for customers as they are onboarding.

Here is a quick tutorial using demo data to show users how to find students at risk using the Enflux platform:

Video Tutorial Example

Quick replies to support questions

When Ana gets questions from customers, she will often record a quick, custom video back to show customers exactly how to solve their problem. These videos resolve issues instantly, without excessive back-and-forth emails or any face-to-face meeting. 

Scheduling customer check ins 

To check in on customers and set formal meetings, Ana uses Sendspark to add a human touch. The videos show the emails are not automated, and help her schedule more meetings. 

The results: faster onboarding & better customer experiences 

I love how fast Sendspark is. It takes just a minute for me to make a video, and just a minute for customers to watch. And our customers’ time is precious!

Sendspark helps Ana communicate better and more efficiently with customers. After implementing Sendspark, she has been able to...

  • Save time spent on onboarding - for both her customers and herself
  • Reduce back-and-forth email chains
  • Resolve support issues instantly

Most importantly, our customers love Sendspark. They think it’s fast - and it helps solve their problems.

More use cases around the org

Sendspark helps Enflux build relationships with customers throughout the entire funnel. Not only does Ana use Sendspark to onboard and support customers, but other people on the team also use Sendspark for sales and marketing outreach. The Sendspark videos capture attention and add a personal touch, which helps the Enflux team spark more sales conversations. 

What’s next?

Next up, Ana is looking forward to engaging customers with two-way video. Ana plans to leverage Sendspark’s request video feature to have customers record their feedback, so she can better understand exactly what things look like from their perspective and diagnose issues faster. 

Is Sendspark right for you?

For customer success teams who want to save time and create better experiences for your customers, Sendspark can help create instant video messages.  Create a free account to communicate better today. 

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