Grow Your Business with Video

It’s not what you sell, it’s how you sell it. Cut through the noise and make a human connection with Sendspark.

Solo Plan

Best for individuals to create AI-personalized videos.

$39 / seat / mo
$49 / seat / mo

1 seat included

Get Started Now
  • Everything you need to get started...
  • 200 Dynamic Video Minutes
  • Dynamic Variables
  • Dynamic Backgrounds
  • AI Personalization (Beta)
  • Remove Sendspark Branding
  • Custom Domain (CNAME)
  • Basic CRM Integrations

Scale Plan

Best for marketers & agencies with high volume.

$449 / team / mo
$499 / team / mo

Flexible seats included

Get Started Now
  • Everything in Team, plus...
  • 10,000 Dynamic Video Minutes
  • Add'l Minutes for $0.12 / Min
  • Flexible Seats
  • Agency Admin Tools
  • Multiple Client Workspaces
  • Technical Support Manager
  • Slack Channel Support

Enterprise Plan

Best for large teams and enterprises.


Unlimited seats included

Meet with Sales
  • Everything in Scale, plus...
  • Unlimited Dynamic Video Minutes
  • Unlimited Seats
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Team Video Training
  • Highest Priority Support
  • Security Review

You’ll be in great company…

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“All email prospecting sequences look the same now. Sendspark provides a pattern interrupt.”

Miguel Guerrero Vendition

Miguel Guerrero

BDR Manager, Vendition

“The new wave of prospecting is all about delivering personalization and relevance at scale”

Saad Khan

Saad Khan

Head of Business Development, Dooly

“We need to show that our way is different than what prospects are used to... And video tells that story”

Brian Montoya salesbricks

Brian Montoya

Head of Growth, Salesbricks

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Frequently Asked Questions

A dynamic video minute is a minute used for a dynamically generated video.

So let's say you create a video that is 1 minute long, and you use that video to generate 1,000 dynamic videos. You would be using 1,000 dynamic video minutes.

Similarly, if your original video is 30 seconds long, and you generate 1,000 dynamic videos from it, you will be using 500 dynamic video minutes.

Note that you are only charged for the dynamic portion of the the video.

So, if you're using a "combined video" with a 15 second dynamic video that is combined with a 2 minute long pre-recorded video, and you generate 1,000 videos, you will only be charged for 250 dynamic video minutes. (15 seconds * 1,000 dynamic videos / 60 seconds in a minute).

"1:1 recorded videos" are normal videos that are uploaded to Sendspark or recorded with our chrome extension, desktop application, web application, or video request tool, while “dynamic videos” are generated in bulk in the Dynamic Video editor. You get unlimited normal videos on all of our paid plans, but you have a limited number of dynamic video minutes to use up each month.

You can purchase additional DVMs on a per minute basis if you go over the dynamic video limit included in your plan. If you're on the Rapid plan, additional DVMs cost $0.15 / minute and if you're on the Team or plan, additional DVMs cost $0.12 / minute. Please contact us for high volume pricing.