Send Videos Anywhere

Sendspark helps you easily share videos in your existing customer emails & messages to drive more engagement and build authentic relationships.

Browser Extensions

Record videos from your browser. Start recording over any page on the web to make polished recordings with blazing speed.

Sales Automation

Incoporate Sendspark videos into your sales sequences to stand out and book more meetings.

Marketing Automation

Embed videos directly into your marketing emails to increase click-through rates and conversions.

LinkedIn Automation

Send automatically personalized videos on LinkedIn to connect at scale.

Email Platforms

Send videos in any of your emails to customers to liven up your message and drive more engagement.


Share videos with customers in any of the channels that you normally use to communicate.

Chat Support Integrations

Send and request videos in your support channels to troubleshoot and solve customer issues faster.

Calendar Integrations

Schedule more sales meetings with a calendar link right below your videos.

CRM Integrations

Know exactly who is engaging with your videos, and how it’s affecting the bottom line.

Data Integrations

Set up automations to send videos and follow up messages at exactly the right time.

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