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Virtual Keynote Speaker, Corporate Entertainer & Voice Actor, Joshua Seth, Wows His Clients with Personalized Video Messages

If you don’t know Joshua Seth by name, you almost certainly know him by voice. Joshua is a prominent voice actor who’s performed in 100+ animated TV shows and movies. He’s starred as Tai in Digimon, played various roles on Spongebob, and much more. 

Now, Joshua Seth runs his own business as a virtual keynote speaker and corporate entertainer. He shows people in corporate America how to use their voice with authenticity, influence and power the way an actor would, so they can amplify the best aspects of their own personality. This is more important than ever now that the corporate world is in Zoom meetings all day, and we all need to come across in a confident, authentic, and influential way on video. 

Personally, Joshua has had to make a major transformation to video himself. For the last decade, he’s toured as a psychological illusionist, performing a mind reading and magic show. After the pandemic hit in early 2020, he adapted his shows for the virtual world. Joshua now does exceptional performances for virtual holiday parties, employee appreciation nights, and other corporate events - entirely on Zoom!  

And the virtual shows are going gangbusters! Joshua’s clients include Deloitte, Pfizer, Disney, Adobe, Conde Nast and more. (You can book Joshua for your own corporate event here).

With such a personality-driven business, it’s been critical for Joshua to leverage Sendspark as a way to stay in front of leads, prospects, customers, and past clients so they remember him and the impact his personality has.

Challenge: How to get personality across when connecting with potential clients

In the past, Joshua has built relationships with clients in-person at conferences, conventions, and the events themselves. When you meet Joshua, you immediately like him. He comes across confident, genuine, and very interesting. 

But email flattens all of that out. So once the pandemic hit, Joshua Seth needed a way to get his personality across more fully in email, so that he could continue to book clients for his virtual shows and keynote presentations.

Solution: Personalized video messages

Sendspark is the closest we can get to face-to-face right now

Sendspark allows Joshua to bring his emails to life. Joshua makes personalized video messages for clients at key points in the sales process to let his personality shine through, and connect on a more personal level.

See Joshua's sales process, and where video fits in:

1. Client Inquiry

Prospective clients inquire through his website (, mostly from SEO, Google Adwords, referrals, and repeat customers. After they fill out a form on his website, they immediately receive an automated email saying Joshua will call them.

2. Discovery call

Joshua calls them as soon as he sees the inquiries, and takes diligent notes on the call. 

3. Follow up

The magic happens after the call. Joshua follows up with a Sendspark video. This video is crucial for locking in the conversation he just had. In this video, Joshua covers...

  • The details they discussed, and how great is was to connect with them
  • What the client is looking for, as Joshua understands it
  • How Joshua can help them achieve their goals
  • That he looks forward to being of service to the organization, and that they shouldn’t hesitate to reach out if they have questions or need anything
  • And under the video, Joshua adds a call-to-action to take them to the contract or a promotional video they can share with their team.

4. Delivery

After this video, the client will usually confirm a date for the show and finalize the contract, at which point it’s up to Joshua to deliver an exceptional presentation.

5. Retention & Referral

After the event, Joshua sends one more Sendspark video to thank the clients. The video goes above and beyond a flat email to show that his feelings are genuine - he loves what he does - and the performances are as fun for him as for his clients!

Results: Booking large clients like Citibank

Sendspark has helped Joshua book major corporate clients. Most recently, Joshua was going back and forth with Citibank with emails and texts, but he was unable to get them on the phone. So he did a follow up video with Sendspark, and heard back the next morning that they saw the video and got the approval. 

The videos help Joshua show that he is a real person, not just a stock footage image with some outsourced help. He might be famous, but he’s not jaded. He wants to serve the needs of the client by providing an absolutely amazing, unforgettable experience.

Video is the ultimate differentiator.

Sendspark vs Vidyard and BombBomb

Joshua has used BombBomb and Vidyard in the past before switching to Sendspark. He fell in love with Sendspark because it’s been ridiculously easy to use. 

With BombBomb and Vidyard, Joshua had to weed through features he was not using in order to get the features he needed. He never really developed the habit of using video because the platforms were too complicated, had too many training videos, and took too long to get up and running. He’d get lost in the interface and tangled up in features he didn’t care about. 

With Sendspark, he has everything he needs for video email - without any additional clutter. He can make a video, email it to clients, and know instantly when they’ve watched it. It’s been super easy to get up and running with video email, so he’s actually able to use it to send videos everyday. 

Sendspark is the Apple of video email. It has the best ease-of-use of any platform I’ve found.

Final thoughts

If you’re thinking about using video, Joshua recommends following the Nike advice: Just do it.

And know that when it comes to anything creative, it’s always going to be a work in progress. Technology is always evolving, and we’re always evolving too. 

Your best work comes through continuous iteration and collaboration, not just doodling in a notebook and keeping it to yourself, but putting the work out there, getting feedback, reviewing it, adapting it, and putting it out there again. So the more you use the technology, the better you’ll become. 

You can kick off the creative process by creating a free Sendspark account here. And if you need a little extra training, make sure to check out Joshua’s communication training courses

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