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Add Personalized Videos to Your Messages in LinkedIn

Amplify response rates by up to 85% with personalized videos that engage your network and build meaningful relationships

Turbocharge your outreach
10,000+ top revenue teams use Sendspark to foster potential opportunities
Sendspark + LinkedIn Instant Integration
Sendspark + LinkedIn Integration

Share Videos in LinkedIn

Easily send videos in LinkedIn with Sendspark's integration to cut through the noise and make a human connection.

  • Record new videos, right from LinkedIn
  • Grab existing videos from your Sendspark library
  • Works in LinkedIn Messenger and Sales Navigator
Seamless Experience

Record New Videos Over LinkedIn

Never leave LinkedIn... You can record, preview and insert videos in messages all from within LinkedIn.

  • Record your webcam
  • Record your screen
  • Record yourself over your screen in a floating bubble
Record Videos in LinkedIn
Preview videos in LinkedIn
Never Leave LinkedIn

Use Powerful Shortcuts

Use a variety of shortcuts to optimize your video for sales engagement.

  • Add a template with a quick message and call-to-action to schedule a meeting
  • Combine a pre-existing video with your new recording, so you only have to record the personalized introduction. 
  • Trim & edit your video
Wow Prospects

Connect More Personally

Send in LinkedIn Messenger or Sales Navigator. As long as you're connected with your recipient, they will see an animated video preview!

  • Captivate your viewer with an animated thumbnail
  • Let your personality shine through!
Send Videos in LinkedIn

About LinkedIn + Sendspark

LinkedIn is the leading professional networking network. It connects professionals, employers, and job-seekers who want to share knowledge and make new connections. Sendspark makes it easy to supercharge your LinkedIn outreach and social messaging with personalized videos.


About LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been popular for years, but it really took off during (and after) the pandemic. With over 134 million daily active users, it's one of the best places to prospect, network, and connect with colleagues. Its powerful algorithms deliver personalized content, helping individuals grow professionally, find job opportunities, and stay abreast of industry trends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I embed Sendspark videos directly into my LinkedIn messages?

While you can't directly embed videos into LinkedIn messages, you can do something that's even better. Sendspark gives you thumbnails that link to your personalized videos. These are easy to insert into your LinkedIn messages. When clicked, this link will direct the recipient to a custom landing page where your videos play automatically. This ensures that, regardless of the recipient's device or browser, they'll be able to view your personalized video message.

Can I track the performance of my Sendspark videos when I use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn does have privacy features that can limit the tracking of recipient's activity, however, you can still track key metrics of your Sendspark videos. Sendspark provides detailed analytics on video views and interactions, offering valuable insights into your networking effectiveness and outreach impact.