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Sendspark: LinkedIn Extension

Drive up to 400% more meetings from LinkedIn outreach with personalized video messages

Record videos on LinkedIn

Record Videos on LinkedIn

Record videos in LinkedIn InMail and Sales Navigator outreach to see up to 400% more positive replies.

Insert Videos on LinkedIn

Insert Videos into LinkedIn Chats

Reuse your videos to personalize your outreach at scale by inserting existing videos into LinkedIn messages.

Request Videos on LinkedIn

Request Videos from Customers

Give your prospects the option to reply with video, so you can hold a fully asynchronous video conversation. 

Host Meetings on LinkedIn

Meet Live Over Video

Click one button to send a Zoom or Google Meet link in LinkedIn to meet your prospect face-to-face. 

Schedule Meetings in LinkedIn

Schedule Sales Meetings

Can’t meet now? No problem. Insert a Calendly or other meeting link in LinkedIn get a meeting on the calendar. 

Book Sales Meetings on LinkedIn

Book More Meetings on LinkedIn

Drive far more meetings in less time with personalized videos in your LinkedIn messages.

More Integrations

Send videos in any of your messsages to customers to stand out and increase engagement.

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Video is the new normal...
but, don’t take our word for it.

“I have so many fewer ‘quick calls’ using Sendspark. The videos show everything I need to say.”

Dustin Coates Algolia

Dustin Coates

Product & GTM Manager

“I love Sendspark! Our email engagement is 3x higher when we use video ‘sparks.’”

Emilia Korcynska Headshot

Emilia Korczynska

Head of Marketing

We’re changing the way 10,000+ companies work

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