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Send Personalized Videos at Scale in Outreach

Cut through the noise with custom videos to increase replies and engagement by up to 400%

Scale yourself
10,000+ top revenue teams use Sendspark for better communication
Personalized Videos in Outreach
Sendspark + Outreach Integration

Record & Send Videos in Outreach

Record videos with Sendspark in minutes. Send them out to your contact list easily using Outreach.

  • Record videos directly from your browser.
  • Insert videos into Outreach messages to connect more personally.
  • Create studio-quality videos effortlessly and convert more viewers!
Scale Yourself

Create Dynamic Videos

Create personalized videos at scale using merge tags.

  • Use placeholders for your viewers' first name, company name, or job title
  • When you send in Outreach sequences, each recipient gets a video personalized for them.
Dynamic Videos in Outreach
Produce impeccable videos
Quality Recordings

Studio-Quality Videos

Use our tools to produce impeccable videos that impress and convert viewers.

  • Automatically enhance your appearance with one click. Look your best at all times. 
  • Blur your background - or replace it with a virtual background of choice
  • Use our AI script generator to make sure you're saying the right thing at all times.
Detailed Analytics

Track Success

Get the data you need to show it’s working and improve the process going forward.

  • Instant notifications when videos are played.
  • Heatmaps to show where viewers drop off.
  • Detailed video analytics & viewer insights.
Video Analytics for Outreach

About Outreach + Sendspark

Outreach is a leading sales engagement platform designed to empower businesses with streamlined workflows and efficient client communication. Its robust features enables teams to track customer interactions, automate repetitive tasks, and gain insightful analytics. Using Sendspark helps you add personalized videos to Outreach messages so you can drive more engagement, prompt more actions, and ultimately grow your pipeline while closing more deals. 

About Outreach

Outreach helps automate and improve personalized, multi-channel communication to increase sales results. It also improves experiences for potential and existing customers across the entire customer journey.

Thanks to Outreach's continuous innovation, customers and partners get to benefit from AI technologies smart decision-making and effective engagement strategies. In today's competitive market, Outreach plays a critical role in facilitating rapid business growth and fostering lasting customer relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does using Sendspark videos impact the deliverability of my Outreach emails?

Sendspark videos are added as thumbnails with "play" buttons; not fully embedded videos. This means deliverability is not negatively effected, and may, in fact, be improved thanks to increased viewer engagement.

Will I know if or when a lead watches my video?

Yes. You will get an instant notification when your videos are watched, and can even set up automations that pull view data directly into Outreach.

How can I embed Sendspark videos directly into my Outreach emails?

Sendspark automatically generates customizable thumbnails with large "play" buttons - you can quickly embed these into Outreach emails at scale. Alternatively, you can add video files to your Outreach emails if you prefer that.