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Sendspark: Outreach Extension

Stand out and increase email replies up to 400% with personalized videos in your Outreach emails

Record New Videos in Outreach

Record Videos in Outreach

Record new videos right within Outreach emails, sequences and templates to make your emails stand out.

Insert Existing Videos in Outreach

Insert Existing Videos

Reuse and repurpose existing videos so you can move fast and personalize your outreach at scale.

Outreach Video Thumbnails

Personalize Video Thumbnails

Go above and beyond to show prospects that videos are personalized for them with custom GIF thumbnails. 

Connect Personally via Outreach

Connect More Personally

Add a human touch to all of your Outreach emails to cut through the noise and make a genuine connection. 

Schedule Meetings in Outreach

Drive More Meetings

See up to 400% more meetings booked from email outreach with embedded personalized videos.

Book Meetings on Outreach

Get Detailed Video Analytics

Know exactly when recipients watch and share your videos so you can follow up at the right time. 

More Integrations

Send videos in any of your messsages to customers to stand out and increase engagement.

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Video is the new normal...
but, don’t take our word for it.

“I have so many fewer ‘quick calls’ using Sendspark. The videos show everything I need to say.”

Dustin Coates Algolia

Dustin Coates

Product & GTM Manager

“I love Sendspark! Our email engagement is 3x higher when we use video ‘sparks.’”

Emilia Korcynska Headshot

Emilia Korczynska

Head of Marketing

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