The Ultimate Guide to Video Selling

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Why Send Sales Videos?

Video messages are one of the best ways to connect with prospects and differentiate yourself from the competition. With a video message, you can show, rather than tell, and cut through the noise to make a personal connection. 

But still, video is not a silver bullet. There are ways to do video outreach right, and ways to do it wrong! 

In this article, we will give you the formula for success. You can then take these formulas and apply them to your business. You might have to tweak and iterate them to work for you… But that’s the point! If it were easy, any AI bot could do it. 

Read on to see how to create compelling video messages that will fill gaps in your sales funnel and generate pipeline.

How to Craft a Video Email

Before we dive in, it’s important to take a second and think about what a video email really is. 

Of course, you have your ACTUAL video, but there’s more than that!

A video email is like a gourmet sandwich, with the video being the meat in the middle. Sure, the meat is important – and is really what defines the sandwich – but if you don’t have good bread on either end, then the sandwich isn’t making it to your mouth.

In addition to your video “meat” you need to think about the “bread” sandwiching your video to have a tight video message. These are the 3 components to a strong video message:

  • Email Content – The email content, subject line, and video thumbnail that show up in email. This is essential for getting people to watch your video. 
  • Video Script – This is the meat. But even so, the video is your “teaser” designed to drive interest and spark a conversation. You often don’t want to do an entire pitch here, but rather spark interest, and encourage people to take the time to learn more about your product or service. 
  • Video Landing Page – This is what people see immediately after watching your video (on the same page as your video). It is essential for getting people to move forward in your sales process after watching the video.

Keep in mind that all three parts are vital to creating compelling video messages. In this article, we will include scripts for all 3 components. 

What to Say in a Prospecting Video

Writing a video script can be the toughest part of your video email. You need to create a compelling message… in just 20-40 seconds (before you lose your viewer’s attention). 

This is a general framework to use for your video prospecting scripts, first shared by Video Selling Coach, Chris Bogue:

  1. “You” statement: Say something specific to them that they will instantly recognize as true (i.e. "I'm reaching out to you because I know you are a cybersecurity expert")
  2. Goals/values: Touch on the goals & values of that company (i.e. I know you're trying to be the leader in creative marketing...")
  3. Problems/effects: Something they might be experiencing and the effects this could have on their company (i.e. "I know it's hard to fill pipeline...")
  4. CTA: One simple thing you want them to do next (reply, schedule a meeting, etc)

You can also check out the video script template that Sales Leader, Hamish Stephenson, uses to get 90%+ email opens:


Best Use Cases for Video Selling (with Sample Scripts)

Now, for the fun part! Let’s dive into the specific situations where you can use video to supercharge your selling. For each of these, we’ve provided sample email content, video scripts, and video landing page content to help you get started. 

Intro – Basic Value Proposition

This is a timeless classic: your basic introduction video.

No need to overthink, just let your prospect know WHY your solution exists, and how it can help them!

It works great as the first touch of a sales sequence. Essentially, you are introducing yourself, and sharing how you can help your prospective customer. 

Pro Tip

Save Video Landing Page content as “templates” in Sendspark, so you can add them to your video with one-click after recording. 

(Record yourself in spotlight mode over their website)

Hi [name] 

[Something about them they will recognize as true, like “I see that you really care about delivering a personalized experience to your customers” ] 

[Shared value, like “we’re also big advocates of personalization here at Sendspark…”]

[Potential benefit of your service, like “but we know that the big tradeoff of personalization is TIME. So we’ve built a platform to create personalized videos at scale. You can still deliver a powerful, personalized experience to your customers, in a fraction of the time ] 

I’d love to show you how this can work for [Company Name]. Feel free to grab some time on my calendar below top see a demo.

Hi [Prospect Name] 

[ Video ] 

I’d love to share how we can help [Prospect Company] achieve [desired results]

My Calendar

Intro – Competitor alternative

The competitor alternative video is a great way to show how you are better than the current solution your prospect is using.

The idea is… If you know they are using a competitor, you can be relatively confident that (1) they are the right customer persona, (2) they have “the problem,” and (3) they are currently paying to address it.

That means that they are qualified… If you can show that you’re 10x better than your competitor. Here is a script we recommend: 

(Record over your product, but start in camera spotlight mode to keep the focus on you)

Hi [Prospect Name],

The main benefit of switching to [Your Company], is that you can [key differentiator]. 

This means you get [key benefit] 

It looks like this…

Close spotlight mode, and demo the key benefit of using your platform. This is not the “how it works,” but rather the vision of how great their life would be if using your platform. For example… “If you use Sendspark instead of a standard screen recording platform, you can instantly generate hundreds of personalized videos at scale, leading to up to 3x meetings booked from the same email campaign you’re already sending out…”

I’d love to show how this could work for [Prospect Company]. Feel free to book a demo using my calendar below. 

Hi [Prospect Name] 

[ Video ] 

I’d love to share how we can help [Prospect Company] achieve [your main differentiator]

My Calendar

Intro – Partner Enhancement

It can be effective to show how your product can plug into an existing platform or partner solution to enhance their process.

Whether you’re getting contacts from a partner or directly from ZoomInfo or, you know that there’s likely a good opportunity for you to help the prospect.

Video can be a great way to show exactly how your product can improve their lives. 

(Record over a webpage that shows your solution and the partner service together)

Hi [Prospect Name],

Here’s a quick glimpse of how [Your Company name] works with [Partner].

You can see [Key Benefit]... 

I’d love to show how this could work for [Prospect Company]. Feel free to book a demo using my calendar below.

Hi [Prospect Name] 

[ Video ] 

I’d love to share how we can help [Prospect Company] achieve [Key Benefit]

My Calendar 

Intro – Visualize the Pain

In sales, we’re always trying to show how our product can cure pain. This often means shining a light on pain that prospects are not aware they have, because they’ve already grown to live with the pain.

If your prospect has a pain that can at all be made visual with video, this is a golden opportunity for you. You can use a video to help your prospect visualize their pain, and then immediately see how you can fix it for them. 

Great examples for pain you can highlight:

  • Slow website speeds (for website agencies)
  • Unfilled job opportunities (for recruiting firms)
  • Spam score rates (for email marketing platforms/agencies)
  • Anything else related to your industry!  

Pro Tip

Record one video and add it to the auto-confirmation email in Calendly / your meeting platform of choice, so that you don’t have record a similar video for every meeting. 

(Record over page that visualizes pain)

Hi [Prospect Name],

Here’s [describe pain], which often leads to [unwanted outcome].

(switch page to show solution)

We can solve [pain] in this way… [explain solution].

This has helped others get [benefit]. 

I’d love to show how this could work for [Prospect Company]. Feel free to book a demo using my calendar below. 

Hi [Prospect Name] 

[ Video ] 

Let’s get [pain point] under control! Please feel free to use my calendar link below to schedule a meeting.

My Calendar 

Pre-meeting agenda

We all know the pain of staring at the clock, waiting on a sales call, for the prospect who never knows up. Nothing like knowing you can never get back the time in your life you spend researching and preparing for a call that never happens…

The good news is that pre-meeting videos can dramatically reduce meeting no-shows, even when they are pre-recorded (not personalized for every prospect).

They get across (1) value for the prospect if they show up, and (2) the fact that you are a human, and it would be rude for them to ghost you. 

Pro Tip

Check out Sendspark’s custom intro feature to record a custom introduction that highlights your prospect’s pain, and stitch it with a pre-recorded video demonstrating your solution.. 

(Just record a webcam video, no screen)

I’m [You Name], [Title] at [Company].

I’m looking forward to our [type of call].

Typically, we will.. [Talk through agenda]

Does that sound good to you? 

Let me know if you have any specific questions or goals you want to make sure we cover. 

Hi [Prospect Name] 

[ Video ] 

Can’t make the scheduled time? No worries, you can cancel and book a new time on my calendar below.

My Calendar 

Meeting Recap

Have you been on sales calls where your prospect asks you to send them the recording following the call because they want to loop in another stakeholder? And you just KNOW that they will never watch recording?

Well, instead of sending the full meeting recording, just make a quick video recapping highlights of the call.

Whether this is for the prospect your spoke with, or another team member on their team, try to capture the most relevant information for them, so they have a bite-sized chunk of sales collateral they can review at their convenience. 

Pro Tip

Check out Sendspark’s custom intro feature to stitch an existing product demo with the custom follow up message. 

Hi [Prospect Name],

As we discussed [Key Feature] can help you achieve [Key Benefit].

Here’s a quick refresher of how it works so you can refer to it in the future. 

[Walk through key features they were interested in during the demo]. 

Let me know if you have any questions, and [next action item].

[Your Product Name] Highlights

[ Video ] 

Excited to work with you! Use the link below to [next step]

[Next Step]

Proposal Walkthrough

Video proposals are powerful for explaining what you are charging, and justifying the prices.

Whether you are replacing a PDF, or following up after a call, the videos let you talk through the details, and make sure your prospect understands the value they are getting. 

Hi [Prospect Name],

Here’s a quick breakdown for the plan we’ve put together for [Prospect Company]. 

Each of these items is designed to help [Prospect Company] achieve [Goals]. 

[Walk through each line item and explain what it is & why it costs what it costs]

The next step is… [Next Step]

Thanks, excited to work with you!

Hi [Prospect Name] 

[ Video ] 

I’d love to share how we can help [Prospect Company] achieve [desired results]

My Calendar

How to Create Sales Videos with Sendspark

Sendspark is the #1 video platform for sales outreach. You can use Sendspark to record quick, personalized videos of yourself and your screen to send to prospects as part of the sales process. As you use Sendspark, you’ll notice all kinds of “magic” features designed to make your life easier and help your videos convert better. 

You can create a free Sendspark account here, and follow the steps below to make your videos. 

Make Personalized Videos with Sendspark

Follow these steps to record personalized videos to each of your prospects. 

  1. Install the Sendspark Chrome Extension. This makes it easy to record yourself, your screen, or both together. 
  2. Record your video. Go to the Sendspark video library, or any webpage that you want to record from, and launch the extension. Select what you want to share, and create your video. After you’re done recording, you’ll see a preview of your video appear on the screen. 
  3. Add your page template. Your video is all ready to share… but you can go above and beyond by adding a page template to your video. A template is the page content that will show around your video. You can add a personalized message, or a call-to-action for your viewer to take the next step in the sales funnel. Create your template in your Sendspark admin area (here), and then apply it from the Chrome Extension video preview area.
  4. Copy GIF + Link to share. Now, all that’s left is sharing your video! Click the “GIF + Link” option to copy your video preview to your clipboard, and now you can paste in any email platform (Gmail, Outlook, Outreach, Hubspot – wherever!). If you’re not sharing your video in email, but rather using LinkedIn or another platform, you can just copy the link to your clipboard and share your video anywhere.

Make Dynamic Videos with Sendspark

Follow these steps to create dynamic videos for your list of prospects. This means that, instead of recording each video for each prospect, you create one dynamic video that is automatically personalized for each prospect in your sales sequence. 

  1. Record your video. This should be a video of you talking, that is general enough you can send to all of your prospects.
  2. Create your campaign with dynamic variables. You can customize the landing page around your video with dynamic placeholders that will populate for each of your prospects. 
  3. Add your contacts. You can either add contacts manually, or import a CSV of the contacts on your target list. For each of these contacts, make sure to include a webpage URL that you want to automatically add your video on top of. 
  4. Generate your videos. Click to generate “personalized” videos for each of your contacts. Now, you should get unique videos for each of your contacts with your camera bubble over their website background, and personalized video landing pages. 
  5. Select your email platform of choice. Choose where you want to share your video, and simply paste the Sendspark share snippet into a template there. Now, when you use that template in a sequence or cadence, every contact on your target list will see a video personalized for them. 

Pro Tips to Get Video Opens

Caroline Maloney at shares 3 ways she uses video:

Melissa Gaglione at Deel shares how she uses Sendspark + Aligned + Lavender for tight follow ups after demos

Additional Resources 

Here are some resources to start you off right with video selling! 

  • Sendspark free trial. Get started with the #1 video platform for sales outreach, for free. 
  • AI video script generator. Not sure what to say? Use our AI video script generator to create a script for you. 
  • Ensure good video email deliverability. Read our best practices for making sure your videos land in the inbox. 
  • Warmly case study. See how Warmly used “evergreen” videos to book 30+ meetings.
  • Video Selling Live. Learn from video teardowns, topical lessons, and challenges designed to help you master video selling.
  • Follow Sendspark on LinkedIn, TikTok, or YouTube to stay up to date on the latest video selling strategies. It’s half educational content, and half weird stuff. We hope you enjoy at least some of it!

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