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Video Growth Platform for Startups

Video for Growth

Connect to customers, investors, and all kinds of people online with personal video messages. 

Sales Video Email

Connect with Customers

Send personalized videos to prospective customers to cut through the noise and spark human connections online.

Troy Bolus OmniPanel

“Love everything about Sendspark. Helps us convert sales… And customers love the more personalized touch!”

Troy Bolus, Co-founder at OmniPanel

Pitch Investors

Investors receive hundreds of emails a day. Introduce yourself with a video to set yourself apart.


more email replies when you include a video in your outreach 🎯

Video Investor Update
Product Announcement Video Emails

Announce New Features

Record beautiful product videos to share on social media, embed on your blog or help center, and send in email.

Pro Tip: Record your face & screen together for a more personal product demo

Update the Community

Whether you’re updating your customers, supporters, or investors, speak from the heart with the personalized video message.


higher email open rate with “video” in the subject line or preview text 💌

Community Update Video Emails
Customer Help Videos

Help Customers

Create longstanding videos for your help center or quick one-off videos in response to customer questions.

Giorgi Laliashvili Stack

“Makes it so easy to engage with users, learn from them, and share their feedback with the team and others.”

Giorgi Laliashvili, Founder & CEO at Stack

Get Customer Testimonials

Use Sendspark to request video testimonials from your customers, and share them over email, social, or your website.


tool for growing your business is customer video testimonials

Get Customer Testimonial Videos

Grow Your Network

Sendspark is a fully-featured video outreach platform. We have what you need to spark more connections online. 

Record Videos

Record Videos

Record yourself, your screen, or both together

Request Videos

Personalize Video Thumbnails

Personalize video thumbnails with the name & logo of each viewer

Personalize Videos

Request Videos

Easily get customer testimonials, video replies, or influencer videos.

Send Video Emails

Send Video Emails

Embed videos in emails to increase clicks & replies more than 8x.

Share Video Messages

Send Video Messages

Share videos in LinkedIn, Slack, SMS, and other messaging channels.

Chrome Extension for Screen Recording

Chrome Extension

Record from anywhere on the web with one click to supercharge speed.

Start Recording Today

Sendspark is the easiest way to record and request videos. Liven up your communication with video today!

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