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Humanize your business communication with authentic videos for your customers.

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Record with Ease

Capture your message - whether it's a sales pitch, product announcement, or warm welcome.

icon-record-browser Record From Browser

Capture videos from Chrome or Firefox. No install needed

icon-record-upload Upload Videos

Upload videos from your phone or anywhere


Stand Out in The Inbox

Cut through the noise to speak directly to your buyer over email, text message, LinkedIn, or anywhere.

icon-share-thumbnail Customize Thumbnails

Add images or logos to video thumbnails

icon-share-image_overlay-1 Logo Overlay

Capture attention with your recipient's logo

icon-share-image_overlay-1 Text Overlay

Write a note on your video thumbnail

Video Landing Pages

Provide The Next Steps

Nudge buyers through the sales process with a clear path forward

icon-convert-cta Calls-to-Action

Convert buyers with a bold button

icon-convert-calendar Book Demos

Schedule meetings below your video

icon-share-text_overlay-1 Branded Experience

Add your logos, colors and brand elements


And Track Your Success

See how video is helping you increase sales and engagement

icon-measure-analytics Video Analytics

Know instantly when someone watches your video

icon-measure-conversion Conversion Metrics

Track pageviews, clicks and engagement

icon-measure-insight Team Insight

Compare videos campaigns across your team


Start Recording Today

Sendspark is the easiest way to record and request videos. Liven up your communication with video today!

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