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Get up to 400x more replies with personalized videos that cut through the noise and make a human connection

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Sendspark is
for customer service

Don’t just create a video. Create a customer.
Send Videos in Zendesk
Zendesk Integration

Record and Send Videos in Zendesk

Sendspark integrates perfectly within Zendesk, so you can record or share existing videos right from Zendesk emails.

  • Instant integration to access Sendspark in Zendesk
  • Easy record new videos or send existing videos
  • Close tickets faster, with a human touch!

Apply Video Templates

Make sure all of your videos look polished and professional for customer communication.

  • Instantly add text & call-to-action buttons
  • Use your own logo and brand colors
  • Host videos on your own subdomain
Video Templates
Dynamic Personalization
Personalization at Scale (PaS)

Dynamic Personalization

Add instant personalization to delight customers, without recording new videos from scratch.

  • Use Contact Properties from Zendesk (first name, etc)
  • Automatically personalize video thumbnails and landing pages for every customer

Track Success

Get the data you need to show it’s working and improve the process going forward.

  • Instant notifications when videos are played
  • Heatmaps to show where viewers drop off
  • Detailed video analytics & viewer insights
Video Analytics
“Our email engagement is 3x higher when we send video 'sparks.' Love Sendspark.”
Emilia Userpilot
Emilia Korczynska
Head of Marketing